Demand Funnel

Want to groom your pipeline long-term?

Want to ensure that it can produce deals quarter after quarter?

Creating a predictable and reliable pipeline that helps you consistently meet revenue targets requires of a perfectly engineered lead generation process.
It takes a team to beat unpredictable nature of market demand while outperforming competition.
Demand Factor creates a custom lead generation program to provide a necessary number of leads at each stage of the funnel to keep your pipeline continuously performing.

How Can Demand Funnel Support Your Pipeline?

Determine how many leads in each stage is needed to support your conversion rate.

Share your target list, let us find look-alike accounts and define best lead attributes.

Determine criteria that qualify leads for each stage of the funnel.

We connect with the right audience, collect signals, lead actions, and intelligence about leads.

Collect and verify every lead and assign them to all appropriate stages.

Create reports and easy-to-comprehend follow-up recommendations and notes for your team.

Collect and transfer the leads to your marketing and inside sales teams, making sure each lead has clear recommended next steps.

Demand Funnel: Top-Funnel Leads + Mid-Funnel Leads + Bottom-Funnel Leads

You: Get Leads to Keep Your Entire Pipeline from Stagnating

How We Support Clients’ Sales Opportunities?

What Else Can Strengthen Your Demand Generation?

Demand Promise

Discounted leads with a success bonus tied to a successful lead outcome.

Demand HQL

BANT leads augmented with custom-collected intelligence.

Demand Convert

Validated BANT leads worth pursuing.

Demand Factor is revolutionizing performance marketing and demand generation by adding in the missing piece:
Alignment of our success to the success of our leads and our clients.