Demand HQL

Do you have special lead qualification criteria that are unique to your business?

When leads you buy look attractive, you know that a few are simply unsuitable because there is something about them that makes them a no-go. And you wish you could ask these leads something unique before paying for them.

Every valid bottom-of-the-funnel lead should have authority to make decisions, a budget, a clear need, and a defined active project. But for you that may not be enough or those may not be the best questions to ask.

Demand Factor delivers BANT leads and either replaces some standard qualifying questions or adds your critical custom questions.

How Can Demand HQL Support Your Pipeline?

Nominate account profiles and decision-makers that represent ideal targets for your products or services.

Designate lead suitability questions and formulate unique suitability criteria to probe for.

We reach out across multiple channels to engage relevant targets with content related to your solutions.

Collect signals and interest from suitable targets and accounts.

Confirm that leads are the right decision-makers, with a clear need, budget, and a real project, if these are the most critical criteria.

Add or replace standard questions with unique criteria that must be met by suitable leads.

Collect and organize intelligence about all suitable leads and transfer to your inside sales team.

Demand HQL: Bottom-of-the-Funnel Leads + Unique Qualifications + Validating and Eliminating

You: Get Leads That Uniquely Match Your Suitability Criteria

How We Support Clients’ Sales Opportunities?

What Else Can Strengthen Your Demand Generation?

Demand Promise

Discounted leads with a success bonus tied to a successful lead outcome.

Demand Funnel

Leads to fill your pipeline throughout all stages.

Demand Convert

Validated BANT leads worth pursuing.

Demand Factor is revolutionizing performance marketing and demand generation by adding in the missing piece:

We align our success to the success of our leads and our clients.