DEMAND Promise

Don’t want to spend a lot on leads before seeing them in action?

Get ready for a lead generation program that aligns with your goals and minimizes your upfront spend.
Pay less for leads delivered and pay a performance bonus only for leads that show success.
Demand Factor aligns its own success with your results. Pay more only for leads that move through the sales cycle.

How Can Demand Promise Reduce Your Upfront Risks with Demand Generation?

Decide what a lead success looks like: conversion into a sales opportunity or closing the deal.

Define what successful leads are worth and what a shared incentive will be.

Select one or multiple funnel stages to fill with leads and a suitable Demand Factor product.

We reach out across multiple channels to engage relevant targets with content related to your solutions.

Collect signals and interest from suitable targets and accounts and confirm lead quality.

Enable your internal team with new leads and watch them progress through the sales stages.

For leads that reach the stage of success you defined, share your success with Demand Factor as a performance bonus.

Demand Promise: Pay Less for Leads + Qualified Leads + Share Success of Successful Leads

You: Get More Leads for Less

How Do We Support Clients’ Demand Generation?

What Else Can Strengthen Your Demand Generation?

Demand Funnel

Leads to fill your pipeline throughout all stages.

Demand HQL

BANT leads augmented with custom-collected intelligence.

Demand Convert

Validated BANT leads worth pursuing.

Demand Factor is revolutionizing performance marketing and demand generation by adding in the missing piece:
Alignment of our success to the success of our leads and our clients.